Tripp Lite SmartPro LCD 120V 1000VA 500W Line-Interactive Desktop UPS, AVR, Tower, USB, TEL/DSL/Coax, 8 Outlets, ENERGY STAR

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The SMART1000LCDU SmartPro LCD 120V 1000VA 500W Line-Interactive Desktop UPS provides battery backup and AC power protection against blackouts, brownouts, power surges and line noise that can damage electronics or destroy data. Ideal for backing up your home theater components and desktop computer system, the SMART1000LCDU switches to battery backup mode in milliseconds to keep your connected equipment running long enough to save files and shut down safely with no data loss.

While all eight NEMA 5-15R outlets protect against surges, four outlets also provide up to three hours of UPS battery support for a DVR component, 60 minutes of support for a basic desktop PC and LCD monitor, 10 minutes of support at half load (250W) and three minutes of support at full load (500W). ENERGY STAR certification helps you save money and energy and protect the environment by meeting strict efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) maintains 120V nominal output over an input range of 89V to 139V without using battery power. EMI/RFI noise filtering improves your equipment’s performance and prevents damage. A 1038-joule surge suppression rating protects your equipment from harmful power surges. With Tripp Lite’s free PowerAlert® software (available via web download), the SMART1000LCDU enables safe unattended system shutdown and file saves in case of a prolonged power failure.

Reliable Battery Backup

- Provides 1000VA/500W power protection for home theater components and desktop computer system

- Supports basic desktop computer and LCD monitor up to 60 min. or single DVR components up to 3 hr. during power outage

- Supports 50% load (250W) up to 10 min. and full load (500W) up to 3 min.

- 98% full-load efficiency rating saves money in energy costs

- Audible alarm indicates loss of utility power or low battery


Protected Outlets

- 4 NEMA 5-15R outlets deliver battery backup for devices that require constant power

- All 8 outlets protect against surges or spikes that can harm equipment or data

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

- Maintains 120V nominal output over input range of 89V–139V without using battery power

Rotatable LCD Status Screen

- Large LCD screen shows real-time input voltage, overload, AVR and battery statuses

- Rotates for easy viewing in both horizontal and vertical installations

AC Line, Coaxial and Tel/DSL Surge Suppression

- 1038-joule surge suppression rating protects connected equipment and data from harmful power surges

- Tel/DSL RJ11 jacks (with included cable) protect standard dialup/DSL connection

- 2.2 Hz coaxial jacks protect CATV, broadband cable internet, satellite or broadcast antenna connections

EMI/RFI Line Noise Filtering

- Removes electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can disrupt or damage equipment’s performance

USB Ports

- HID-compliant USB port (when used with free PowerAlert software) enables safe unattended system shutdown and file saves in the event of a prolonged power failure

- Front-panel USB port delivers 2.1A for fast charging of smartphones and tablets

ENERGY STAR Certification

- Saves you money, saves energy and protects the environment by meeting strict EPA efficiency guidelines

Flexible Installation Options

- Space-saving NEMA 5-15P right-angle plug with 6 ft. cord

- Adapts to vertical or horizontal installation without special hardware