Samsung WDS-C8050/XAR

Samsung WDS-C8050/XAR

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Specially for small to medium sized businesses, Samsung access point controller WEC8050 can manage up to 75 APs and 1,500 client devices simultaneously and ensures the same enterprise functionality as the WEC8500 model.

- Powerful

- Cost effective

- Simple to deploy

- Reliable


The WEC8050's innovative architecture guarantees fast network connection and minimal downtime. Such powerful platform, integrated with AirMove technology, makes the WEC8050 ideally suited for all wireless environments.

Cost effective

Cost effective operation with an existing enterprise network environment by providing support for L3 routing, stateful firewall, RF spectrum analysis and system redundancy.

Simple to deploy

The WEC8050 is ideal for environments where both data throughput and voice calls are simultaneously required. The integrated Self Organizing Network (SON) feature automatically adjusts the access point’s Tx power to suit the specific needs of whether data or voice services are needed. The WEC8050's centralized management makes it easy to configure, maintain and troubleshoot issues .


Samsung WLAN controller WEC8050 provides highly reliable and scalable platform with a management capacity of up to 75 access points. The controller is 802.11ac ready, optimized to ensure that users benefit from reliable connectivity.