Cisco Aironet 1572EAC

Cisco Aironet 1572EAC

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The Cisco Aironet 1570 Series outdoor access point is ideal for both enterprise and carrier-class network operators looking to extend Wi-Fi coverage outdoors. It’s the industry’s highest-performing outdoor AP and supports the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, with data connection speeds up to 1.3 Gbps. This industrial-grade AP supports 4x4 Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) smart antenna technology and three spatial streams for optimum performance.

The Aironet 1570 provides higher throughput over a larger area with more pervasive coverage. The AP is also well suited to high-density environments w here many users in close proximity generate RF interference that needs to be managed. Examples of environments that can benefit from the Aironet 1570 Series:

- Outdoor enterprise campuses

- Outdoor university and school campuses

- Public venues: stadiums, train stations, airports

- Service provider networks: Wi-Fi offload for mobile, fixed-line, and cable operators

- Mining operations

- Manufacturing yards

- Municipalities

- Large metropolitan areas