CCS Satellite TV and Data Enclosure

CCS Satellite TV and Data Enclosure

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The Connectix Cabling System (CCS) TV and Data Cabinet Enclosure is a smart, compact unit designed for storage of building technology devices within townhouses and apartments. The enclosures provide mounting solutions for multi-switch satellite distribution switches, fibre-IRS (integrated reception systems) to enable dedicated outputs for satellite polarities and terrestrial. Data and
voice communications are housed using CCS 10” patch panel hardware and rack-mounting faceplates.

The cabinets feature a mounting frame that secures to a wall/utility board using specific fixing positions. The termination of internal cabinet hardware is completed without restriction to ensure a smooth, neat and tidy and professional installation. The enclosure cover (including secure door) is then fitted and secured to complete. Cables have brush strip entry points within the cabinet and vented slots allow for airflow and heat dissipation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides TV Multi-switching and Fibre IRS Distribution
  • Data Networking and Telephone Distribution
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Can be customised for internal vendor equipment (internal frame size changes)
  • Secure enclosure to house building technology infrastructure
  • Manufactured in the UK by CCS



Dimensions - 625 mm W × 305 mm H × 160 mm D
Cable entry - Brush strip entry in base and rear
Mounting - Internal frame mounting, spring hinge removable cover and door
Airflow - 3mm wide slots on 8mm pitches for ventilation (both sides of cabinet)
Door - Solid lockable metal door
Ideal for Housing - Satellite multi-switches, Fibre IRS convertors, 10” Cat 6, Cat 5e data/voice outlets, 10” Cable Management Panels
Finish - Powder Gloss White

Please Note: This cabinet is supplied empty, itdoes not come loaded with any of the products shown in the picture above.