Aten EC1000

Aten EC1000

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- Space saving 1U rack mounting with front and rear mounting

- 4 RJ-45 Energy Sensor Ports to monitor four Energy PDU currents (0A to 32A per port)

- 4 RJ-11 Environment Sensor Ports to monitor temperature, humidity, and differential pressure*

- Maximum Amperage Monitor 32A@100V~240V (Energy Box)

- 3 digit 7 segment front panel LED displays current/sensor/IP address information

- Threshold monitoring for:

- 1.Current

- 2.Temperature

- 3.Humidity

- 4.Differential pressure

- Threshold alerting through:

- 1. Local: audible alarm and LED lights

- 2. Remote: SMTP/SNMP trap/Syslog


- Front panel LED indicators for current, temperature*, humidity*, differential pressure*, and IP address information at the Energy Box

- Remote real-time current, temperature*, humidity*, and differential pressure* monitoring and management

- Management through eco Sensors Energy Management Software or 3r party SNMP manager

- Supports name assignment for individual Energy PDUs

- Event Logging – 128 line event log

- Syslog support

- F/W upgradable

Remote Access

- Remote management via TCP/IP using built in 10/100Mbps Ethernet port

- Management via built in browser based GUI

- Network Interfaces: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SMTP, DHCP, NTP, DNS, 10Base-T/100Base-TX, auto sense, Ping

- Supports SNMP Manager V1, V2, V3


- Strong security features include password protection and advanced encryption technologies – utilizing 128 bit SSL

- RADIUS authorization and authentication

Package Contents

- 1x EC1000 Energy Box

- 1x 0AD8-8605-24EG Power Adapter

- 1x Mounting Kit

- 4x RJ-45 Cables

- 1x CD ROM (Manual, eco Sensors Software)

- 1x User Instructions